Duane C. McCarthy

Duane C. McCarthy, EMD, ACR  is a graduate Landscape Architect from Pennsylvania State University and the founder of Land Design & Construction Mgrs., Inc (LDC).  During the past 35 years Duane’s company (LDC) was a major exhibitor in the Philadelphia Flower Show, has built rooftop landscapes in New York City, suburban and urban communities in the tri-state area.  Now in partnership with his son,  LDC was the exclusive featured design/build Company for 2011 Philadelphia Magazine Design House along with being recognized for numerous other awards and projects.

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In 1991 Duane joined National Safety Associates and assisted in expanding three innovative product lines over the past 28 years. As an early pioneer with Juice Plus+ he expanded Juice Plus+ into S. America in 1998 and partnered the Center for Advancement in Education (CACE) with the Juice Plus+ Company in 2001.  With the latest introduction of the “Tower Garden”, a state of the art Aeroponic Vertical Garden.   Duane has worked with educators and has installed Tower Gardens in Schools, Restaurants, private homes and businesses across North America. With The Merger of Future Growing LLC, Duane is heading up the commercial farm expansion in the Northeast on behalf of the Juice Plus+ Company. Duane has assisted and developed programs for organizations and educators at Universities, High Schools, elementary schools, businesses, non profits, senior centers and life care communities.  This has lead to bringing the Tower Garden Technology to hands on culinary, educational and healthy living initiatives to students and faculty across North America.

As a National Marketing Director since 1995, Duane has a passion for the outdoors, from gardening to bike riding and playing competitive baseball and enjoying his 14 grandchildren.  Duane is the father of 7 grown children and married to his wife Bernadette for over 39 years.  They reside in Lafayette Hill, PA.